WASHINGTON — Here at the United States Capitol, the offices of three Democratic Congresspersons from Colorado were so hazy with marijuana smoke today that a solitary reporter almost had to be taken by ambulance to the ER at George Washington University Hospital.


On Thursday, in a move that marijuana advocates hailed as a watershed in their fight against cannabis prohibition, the U.S. House voted to block the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. Congressmen Jared Polis, Ed Perlmutter, and Congresswoman Diana DeGette, the Dean of the Colorado delegation, who represents the solitary reporter, all voted in favor of the legislation, after Colorado voters in 2012 voted to make Colorado The Marijuana State.


Polis, a Boulder Democrat, called Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak, who attended to the solitary reporter’s pulmonological problems, but was unable to explain to the solitary reporter why the three Democrats voted for the legislation, other than to say, “SR, it’s all political.”


Congressman Mike Coffman (TP-Colo.), who is running for reelection in a district which includes Aurora, where marijuana is conspicuously consumed, also voted for the legislation, the only Colorado Republican who did so.


In other Colorado news, the Denver Board of Ethics voted unanimously to clear Mayor Michael B. Hancock of ethics charges after Hizzonnor, his mother, and two staffers were fêted at the SuperBowl to the tune of $40,000 by Comcast, which has a cable franchise with the city, and other businesses, but the Board went out of its way to tell the mayor, in the Board’s words, that “The Board's decision should not be read to constitute an endorsement of the practice of accepting gifts by elected officials under circumstances akin to those at issue here."


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