BUNKERVILLE, NEVADA — After anointing himself as the Governor of the State of Bunker two days ago, rancher Cliven Bundy announced, moments ago, that he will run for the U.S. Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nevada) In 2016. 


In making his announcement, Bundy was accompanied by his African American bodyguard, Jayson Bullock. Bullock, interviewed today on CNN, is a volunteer who has somehow bought into the idea that our federal government is oppressive because it insists that Rancher Bundy pay over one million dollars in unpaid grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management.


“I’m going to run against Harry Reid as a member of the Bundy Militia Party,” Bundy said, far away from a solitary reporter. “The Republicans are just a bunch of Commies. They’re no better than the Democrats.”


From his office in Washington, Reid said that he welcomes the challenge.


“I am very pleased,” Reid said, “that Mr. Bundy receives his health care through the Affordable Care Act. That means that we will have a very healthy debate."


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