ELLIJAY, GEORGIA —  Earlier today, at an open-air picnic area along a creek here in northern Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Guns Anywhere Act, which, beginning July 1, will allow God-fearing Georgians with concealed carry permits to carry guns into some bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.


But what the mainstream media failed to notice was that Deal’s close personal friend, the NRA’s Top Gun, Wayne LaPierre, was holding an assault rifle to the governor’s side. This was observed only by a solitary reporter. Does anybody think that Gov. Deal is a Democrat?


Deal told the solitary reporter that if Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who lives in the solitary reporter’s neighborhood, fails to demand that the Democratic-controlled Colorado legislature immediately pass a measure identical to the Guns Anywhere Act, he should expect a visit really soon from LaPierre. Hickenlooper is up for re-election in November.


In other news, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is thinking of moving to Michigan, after his Court affirmed Michigan voters’ decision to abolish affirmative action in college admissions. Thomas, who replaced the iconic Thurgood Marshall on the Court, has firmly stated that race has no place in decisions involving college admissions.


Vigorously dissenting, Justice Sonia Sotomayor made it clear that she is staying in Washington.


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