WASHINGTON — After Senate Democrats yesterday forced through a change in Senate rules to reduce perpetual Republican obstructionism, an enraged Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took the floor to announce that he is leaving the Republican Party to establish the Filibuster Party. An amused solitary reporter watched the proceedings from the Senate gallery.


As McConnell stormed out of the Senate Chamber, Majority Leader Harry Reid thanked McConnell for helping the Democrats raise a lot of money to defeat Republicans, and wished him well in his new venture.


Quivering with rage, McConnell left the Capitol and walked briskly to RNC headquarters, where he basked in the glow of all his close personal friends in the Tea Party.  There, the tea partiers, including the Koch Brothers, and the filibusterers had assembled, determined to retaliate against the Democrats for revising the Senate rules.


“I see a glorious day ahead,” Kentucky's senior senator told the adoring throng. “The Tea Party and the Filibuster Party will long outlive the Republican Party. Now let's get together and churn out our respective money machines so we can obliterate the memory of Obama and the Democrats forever. Once we take over the Senate, we will get my cherished filibuster back, and then we can work our divinely inspired will on the country.”


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