WICHITA — Moments ago, here at the headquarters of Koch Industries, a spokesman for Koch Brothers Charles and David Koch announced that neither of them has accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer of citizenship.

Instead, the Koch Brothers jointly insisted that Putin fly immediately to Damascus to accept citizenship in Syria.

This interesting contretemps occurred following the intense debate presently taking place in France over the decision by famed actor Gerard Depardieu to renounce his French citizenship so he can spend the rest of his life in Belgium, where he won't have to pay taxes to the French government at the established rate of 75%.

As reported by NPR today, both Belgium and Russia have offered citizenship to Depardieu.

In Washington, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told a solitary reporter that he will not recommend that President Obama offer citizenship to Depardieu. “But we'll be more than happy to tax the Koch Brothers at, shall we say, 99 percent,” Geithner said.


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    bicfj (Sunday, 11 August 2013 13:18)

    Russia is where the Koch money came from to begin with. Their grandfather built a huge pipeline for Josef Stalin for lots of money that he brought back to the US to start the private Koch family corporation. Putin is wise to avoid any further entanglements with the Koch family. They would clean his clock.