DENVER — After graciously conceding the election to President Obama, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was spotted by a solitary reporter early this morning at Denver International Airport, smoking weed.

“You see, SR,” Romney explained, “Colorado is one of my favorite places, and because Colorado has now legalized recreational marijuana, Ann and I decided that we would take a few days off right here in the Centennial State. And since President Obama wants to meet with me to try to patch up our differences, I am inviting him to meet me here in Colorado, but only if he will share my joint.” 

“That way,” Romney continued, “we will soon find out whether he believes in states' rights.”

However, Mrs. Romney appeared to be very embarrassed at what her husband had just said, and she begged the solitary reporter to not say anything about it.

At the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder had no comment on Romney's invitation to meet with the president in Colorado, but several of his aides spotted him surreptitiously smoking pot to celebrate the president's victory.


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