TRENTON — A spokesman for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has emphatically denied the veracity of a rumor propagated by a solitary reporter to the effect that when President Obama visits the Garden State tomorrow, to witness the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, that Christie will insist that the president confine his visit to the barrier islands off the New Jersey coast.

“Governor Christie is fully aware that President Obama has erected many barriers to the ability of Wall Street to continue its exploitation of the American people,” the spokesman said, “but that doesn't mean that the governor will rescind his invitation to the president to visit, even though the governor is the best surrogate for Mitt Romney.”

But Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, immediately tweeted Christie, saying that if Christie insists on welcoming the president, Romney will refuse to consider Christie for any positions in his Cabinet unless Christie goes on a crash diet to eliminate 47% of his body fat.

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