PARIS — Moments ago, Christian Prudhomme, the head of the Amaury Sport Organisation, announced that the Tour de France has disappeared from history. The Amaury Sport Organisation is the principal sponsor of the Tour de France.

Prudhomme's announcement followed on the heels (and spokes) of yesterday's action by the International Cycling Union which stripped seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong of his titles.

“Lance Armstrong was a dope,” Prudhomme said. “Since there is no place for Lance in cycling, we are officially erasing and disappearing the Tour de France from history.”

Prudhomme's declaration was immediately denounced by French President François Hollande, who explained to a solitary reporter that the economy of France would collapse without the Tour de France.


A spokesman for the Society For French History Studies referred Prudhomme's announcement to its archivist for appropriate action.

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