BOCA RATON, FLORIDA — Desperate to catch up with President Obama in the run-up to this year's divisive presidential election, Mitt Romney has decided to launch a frontal attack against Obama in tomorrow's last debate between the two candidates by linking Obama with the late George McGovern.


McGovern died earlier today in Sioux Falls at the age of 90.

Tomorrow's debate is to focus on foreign policy, a policy arena which Republicans have always claimed as their own.

Romney's top communications advisor, Eric Ferhnstrom, leaked Romney's plan to a solitary reporter.

“Obama's policies of appeasement all around the world link him directly with McGovern,” Ferhnstrom explained. “Although, to give McGovern his due, we have always exulted over the fact that McGovern was such an easy target for President Nixon to defeat in 1972.”

“Actually,” the Etch A Sketch spokesman said, “we are expecting the president to skip tomorrow's debate to attend McGovern's funeral.”

When the solitary reporter asked Ferhnstrom whether the killing of Osama bin Laden contradicted his assertions about Obama's foreign policy, he scoffed at the question, saying, “There are a lot of people in Obama's party who think that bin Laden should have been captured and put on trial in Manhattan, or even sent back to Saudi Arabia.”

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