LONDON — British Home Secretary Theresa May has decided to replace G4S, the private firm hired to provide security for the upcoming London Olympics, with Blackwater Security Consulting, thus allowing 3,500 British Army soldiers to take their scheduled summer leave.

Her decision, conveyed in an exclusive interview to a solitary reporter, comes in the wake of G4S's sudden acknowledgment that it is short 3,500 security detail personnel of its promise to the British government to protect and preserve the London Olympics.

In Mayock, South Carolina, Blackwater's founder, Erik Prince, was ecstatic. “We did a lot of good work in Iraq, protecting a lot of people,” Prince said, “and we are very happy to be in a position to rescue the Olympics, which starts in only a few days.”

Nick Buckles, G4S' CEO, was contrite, saying his company “Had indeed buckled under pressure to be profitable.”

Back in the United States, Eric Fehrnstrom, Mitt Romney's principal publicist, was at a loss trying to explain the failure of a private company to perform governmental functions.


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